Fact sheets and statistics

If you have questions about cancer in Queensland, we have the answers.

Each year, nearly 21,000 Queenslanders are diagnosed with cancer and over 7000 Queenslanders will die of the disease.

One in two Queensland men and one in two Queensland women will develop cancer in their lifetime (before the age of 85 years).

Latest statistics on cancer

Cancer in Australia (PDF, 398KB)

Cancer in Queensland (PDF, 86KB)

Queensland Cancer Statistics Online (QCSOL)

Early detection fact sheets

Prostate cancer (PDF, 806KB)
Breast cancer (PDF, 76KB)
Ovarian cancer (PDF, 418KB)
Bowel cancer (PDF, 491KB)
Cervical cancer (PDF, 71KB)

Position Statements

To access Cancer Council Australia positions statements click here.

Regional contribution fact sheets

Below is a summary of our investment into each region

Brisbane (PDF, 694KB)

Bundaberg and Wide Bay (PDF, 654KB)

Central Queensland (PDF, 675KB)

Far North Queensland (PDF, 656KB)

Gold Coast (PDF, 679KB)

Mackay (PDF, 681KB)

North Queensland (PDF, 665KB)

South West Queensland (PDF, 648KB)

Sunshine Coast (PDF, 682KB)

Cancer-specific fact sheets

Brain tumours (PDF, 42KB)

Breast cancer (PDF, 114KB)

Colorectal cancer (PDF, 131KB)

Gynaecological cancer (PDF, 52KB)

Lung cancer (PDF, 92KB)

Prostate cancer (PDF, 158KB)

Skin cancer (PDF, 118KB)

Other fact sheets

Tobacco and smoking (PDF, 110KB)
Sunscreen (PDF, 87KB)
Asbestos fact sheet (PDF, 156KB)

Cancer incidence by region fact sheets

Far North Queensland (PDF, 681KB)
North Queensland (PDF, 690KB)
Central Queensland (PDF, 690KB)
Mackay (PDF, 708KB)
Bundaberg and Wide Bay (PDF, 702KB)
Sunshine Coast (PDF, 707KB)
Gold Coast (PDF, 703KB)
South West Queensland (PDF, 693KB)
Brisbane (PDF, 710KB)
An overview of our community services (PDF, 192KB)

The information available on this page should not be used as a substitute for advice from a properly qualified medical professional who can advise you about your own individual medical needs. It is not intended to constitute medical advice and is provided for general information purposes only. See our Disclaimer.

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