By 2016, over 30,000 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer each year, compared to about 24,000 this year.

Cancer Council Queensland has one aim: to provide all Queenslanders with the best possible prospects of preventing, detecting, effectively treating and surviving cancer.

Our focus is unique in Queensland, combining research and support services to help people affected by cancer.
And while our initiatives have local value today, delivering outcomes for nearly 190,000 Queenslanders who are living with cancer, the relevance of our work extends into tomorrow, influencing cancer control worldwide.
We are the only institution in Queensland, and one of the few in Australia, to apply the outcomes of collaborative research to the development of targeted cancer services, pioneering programs and supportive interventions that raise international benchmarks for cancer control.
Our work would not be possible without your support.
I extend my deep appreciation to those of you who have contributed to the achievement of our vision. Your endeavours are creating hope for a cancer free future.
Thank you.
Professor Jeff Dunn AO 
Chief Executive Officer
Cancer Council Queensland


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